1. natasi said: Question: If I were to apply, could I apply as Nadia and is this still active? Also, I'm pretty sure it's Aife not Efa though weird spellings for the name are up for grabs :P

    Most definitely! Feel free to apply. Although I should warn you there’s not too much action around here. My fault, really. I keep forgetting about this. Anyway, I will get back to you as soon as possible after getting your application. 

    PS… Yeah, I noticed my spelling mistake re:Aife…I just didn’t really get around to changing it yet. XD

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  2. Chat Link


    This is the link for the group RP chat room, where we can discuss plots and OOC matters. The password is Go4Bo

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  3. Character Name: Dyson

    Face Claim/PB: Kris Holden-Reid

    Age/Birthday: In the ball-park of 1,700 years/ October 31 300 AD

    Status: Fae

    Type of Fae/Powers: Wolf-shifter

    Light, Dark, or Neutral: Affiliated Light but has been known to not always do exactly what the Light wants

    Potential Ships: Bo/Dyson, Kenzi/Dyson?, OC/Dyson?

    Dyson is an old fae whose been around the world for awhile. He’s seen and done some things he’s not proud of but he’s always done his best to keep others from seeing his pain. A loner, some would say, but Dyson is just against complicating relationships as much as possible as they bring more trouble than their worth. This didn’t stay a rule when he met Bo. He met Bo after one of her kills went wrong and she was tested to choose a side. They quickly became involved and Dyson struggled to not let things get too serious. In the end, he ended up falling for her, against Tricks warnings and his own desire to stay aloof. Things just got more complicated as his feelings led him to make the ultimate sacrifice, to give up his love of Bo, in order to save her life. Now, unsure what to do, he tries to bow out as gracefully as possible in order to lick his wounds in private, but it always seems like is friends have other plans about that.

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    Hey all. So I just wanted to get it out there that I have a Lost Girl RP group, and we kind of only have three members. So if you absolutely love Lost Girl, and are interested in joining, submit an application to our group page! Please and thanks. :D


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  5. Apologies

    Well, to all two people who’ve joined this group so far, first off, I’d like to say thank you. I’m hoping that this will be an awesome RP and that we’ll have many stories worthy of telling our grandkids about that one time when we were all drunk off our asses and RP-ing Lost Girl. Or, you know, we can keep those stories to ourselves, too. It’s your call. Secondly, I want to offer my sincere apologies for my absence lately…I’ve been prepping/recovering from wedding madness (thankfully, not my wedding). So yeah…let the Roleplay begin, and hopefully the plot will thicken and intensify as we garner new members and characters.

    Your slightly insane RP leader, Cat.

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  6. image

    Dr. Lauren Lewis.

    Zoie Palmer.

    28 years. 29/04/1983.

    Human, doctor.

    Owes allegiance to the Light fae, owned by the Ash.

    Lauren/Bo, or anything that works out writing/chemistry wise.

    Lauren is a younger human doctor who currently works for the Ash. She meets Bo in Season 1, where she gives her some insight into what a succubus is. Upon meeting her, she becomes bewitched and eventually falls in love. Because Bo seems to love both herself and Dyson, she grows to hate him. As for her personal details and how she joined the Ash, she still won’t share. Apparently her allegience to the Light fae wasn’t broken when the new Ash came into power. As of this episode, she is forbidden to see anyone.

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  7. Application: Kenzi


    Character Name: Kenzi

    Face Claim/PB: Ksenia Solo

    Age/Birthday: 23 years old/October 3rd, 1987

    Status (Fae or Human): Human

    Type of Fae/Powers: Kleptomaniac (she will swear to her grave that this is a ‘power’)

    Light, Dark, or Neutral: Neutral (but has found that many of her friends are on the side of the light)

    Potential Ships: Kenzi/Dyson?, Kenzi/Hale?, Kenzi/OC?

    Kenzi is a scam artist and is proud of it.  She has survived for years by conning people out of money and material goods.  Although she appears to have family members who are well connected, Kenzi can be a little proud – often wanting to find her own way, even if her way is not legal.  She is very street smart and has spent the past few years on her own.  She met Bo when Bo saved her from a sexual predator.  She quickly came to idolize Bo and now considers Bo her best friend and family.  She has also convinced Bo to use her Fae powers to allow them to act as private investigators.  Their cases has put them right smart in the middle of Fae Town, and Kenzi is getting introduced to many kinds of Fae  - some of them she does not care for.  She has been able to hold her own thus far and even gained some respect from a few Fae (plus free drinks for life from the Dal – no top shelf of course).  She considers Hale, Trick, and Dyson her friends but her ultimate allegiance is to Bo.  Kenzi speaks fluent Russian and has a knack for turning what she can find for clothing into her own unique style.

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  8. irishcookie-deactivated20130831 said: Kenzi still available? I might be interested (although I have never done anything like this before)

    Yeah, she’s still available. You get first dibs when I get the application setup done. :D

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  9. Welcome to the Land of the Lost!

    Hey there, and thanks for showing interest in my new Lost Girl RP group. I’m currently putting the final touches on the group page, but I figured I’d get the word out that we’ll soon be up and running, and that I’m currently accepting applications for characters, both canon and OC. I’ll have the application guidelines up shortly, so in the meantime if you’re interested in applying, send a message to the group ask box with the name of the character you’re applying for and their PB (even if it’s an OC) and I’ll try and get back to you ASAP. I should probably mention, though, that Bo is currently unavailable, as I’m going to be playing her. Well, that’s about all I have to say for now. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Your trusty admin, Cat.

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